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Monday to Sunday Istanbul

Introducing Istanbul to the world is something we take great pleasure in and have been doing for many years, through our tours, experiences and storytelling. Now our love for the city has taken a new form - publishing a travel book that embodies our passion for it.

Our book, Monday to Sunday Istanbul, presents a week of curated experiences in our beloved city. The book invites readers to follow carefully selected itineraries for each day of the week, perfectly matched with the specific time of day. Then, leading local figures — famous chefs, artists, documentary makers, academics, designers, journalists, entrepreneurs and architects — share insights into their hometown. Their stories highlight the real taste and soul of the city.

The Book

For this book, editor and travel journalist Seda Domaniç worked together with Sinan Sökmen, the founder of Istanbul Tour Studio and a trilingual professional guide who has specialized in Istanbul for over 15 years. The book reflects their joint affection for this megapolis; their passion for sharing discoveries and growing together as a community of like-minded travelers. In this project, they were joined by international travel writers who have lived in Istanbul long enough to appreciate its distinctive character; gifted photographers that capture its raw, yet aesthetic soul; and a creative direction team that strives to provide a fresh angle to an imperial city that is thousands of years old.

The 360-page book focuses on seven days of immersion into the culture, history, art, design, and gastronomy of Istanbul accompanied by beautiful photography: ‘The Imperial City’ on Monday; ‘Glamorous Bosphorus’ on Tuesday; ‘The Asian Side’ on Wednesday, ‘The Princes’ Islands’ on Thursday; ‘Art, Antiques and Activism in Beyoglu’ on Friday; ‘Inside the City’s Creative Heart: Nisantasi and Bomonti’ on Saturday, and ‘Toward the Black Sea’ on Sunday.

The book includes

  • Over 110 uniquely curated experiences in Istanbul
  • 29 interviews with Istanbul-based famous chefs, artists, documentary makers, academics, designers, journalists, entrepreneurs and architects, including their personal in-city favorites, customized routes and deep wisdom on Istanbul and Turkish culture
  • Comprehensive read, listen and watch lists prepared especially for travelers to Istanbul
  • 293 beautiful photographs portraying the aesthetic soul of this ever-changing metropolis
  • Information about the book:

  • Title: Monday to Sunday Istanbul
  • Curated and Edited by Seda Domanic & Sinan Sökmen
  • Pages: 360 pages with softcover
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 21 cm x 28 cm x 2 cm
  • Published by Istanbul Tour Studio
  • Printed by Ofset Yapımevi on 90 gsm UPM sol and 300 gsm A. Bristol
  • Release date: 15 November 2022
  • ISBN 978-605-72991-0-9
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