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This was a perfect photography tour. I got to see parts of Istanbul that I would have never seen. Great antique store, street art, flower shop, neighborhoods, etc. Our photography guide was excellent. She was knowledgeable and is a great photographer. My photography definitely improved as a result of his instruction and I'm so pleased with the pictures I took. Besides she was an excellent tour guide as well!! I highly recommend taking this tour to anyone who has a day in Istanbul. Read more on Tripadvisor.

Street Photography Walk in Istanbul

Istanbul photography walk is the perfect combination of urban discovery and photography. Starting from Istiklal Avenue, we explore the historic neighborhoods of Galata, Karaköy, Fatih and Zeyrek. We stroll through narrow-side streets, cross over the Golden Horn, stop at venues of historic significance and impressive scenery and catch beautiful spontaneous moments on the streets of Istanbul. The tour lasts about 5 hours. Before we start our photo walk, we offer a short introduction to basic photography (for beginners only) and a briefing on the photo-walk by your guide to learn about your specific areas of interest.


Tünel and Galata neighborhoods: The historical Galata neighborhood slopes down the hill from Beyoglu (Pera) towards the Golden Horn. For centuries, this was a cosmopolitan outpost of European traders in the Byzantine and Ottoman empires, and the ancient monuments and citadel walls are still visible in its maze of streets. Today, the district is home to numerous boutiques and vintage shops along with mansions and embassies that survive from that time, continuing to exude their elegance as museums, art galleries and restaurants. These streets have been through many transformations over the decades, but always represent Istanbul’s beating, complex, and countercultural heart.

Fatih and Zeyrek neighborhoods: Fancy a taste of old-world Istanbul? Fatih and Zeyrek are two neighborhoods in the heart of the city that will transport you back to the 16th century! From the stunning Sehzade Mosque, to Fatih Kadınlar Pazarı, one of Istanbul's oldest markets, Fatih and Zeyrek give you a unique insight into the city's history. Built in the 16th century, the Sehzade Mosque is a sight to behold, with its four towering minarets and intricate Ottoman tiling. Fatih Kadınlar Pazarı will remind you of another era as you wander through the colorful stalls filled with local eateries, specialty food shops, traditional fabrics, spices, fruits and vegetables. Zeyrek Mosque is recognized as one of the oldest surviving Byzantine structures in Istanbul. Built between 1117-1136 CE, this structure is a melting pot of different architectural styles. Its terrace has some of the best views of the Golden Horn.

Best Istanbul views from Halic Bridge, Zeyrek Hill and Galata Tower (time-permitting).

Local Tea and Coffee Shops: On average, Turks drink about 7-8 cups of tea per day, so it’s no surprise that there are many tea and coffee houses all around the city. On this tour, we visit a very local tea house where we have a chance to photograph the local tradition of tea and backgammon. Following this, needless to say, we will sit down for a glass of tea or Turkish coffee.

Cats of Istanbul: Istanbul is a cat city. There are all kinds and colors of cats all around the city. You’ll spot them in restaurants, shops, houses, sidewalks, roofs and even on the public boats! Local people take care of these street cats. We will visit a neighborhood with one of the city’s highest populations of feline inhabitants.

Graffiti and Murals of Istanbul: In Istanbul you can find building length murals, train graffiti and stencil art all around the city. Some car park owners even allow artists to cover both exterior and interior walls of their properties. We pop into one such car park in the back streets of Istiklal.

Antique Stores and Designer Shops: Walking through these neighborhoods full of antique stores, you’ll come across anything from the 18th century Ottoman hand-made ceramics to Far-east Asian art, and from vintage sunglasses to traditional copper work. This is a great opportunity for photographers interested in shooting vintage scenes.

Impressive Istanbul Buildings: The interesting architecture of Istanbul comes in an array of styles. On this day, you will experience many different architectural styles ranging from three storey wooden houses with cumba (wooden bay windows), Ottoman and Byzantine architecture, art nouveau, 19th century belle epoque… etc. 

Important Notes: 

We kindly ask you to bring your own photography equipment. You can contact us in-advance if you need further equipment or tools.

Who is this tour for?

  • This tour is for anyone who is interested in taking photos and learning about the stories of new places. 
  • If you are a beginner in photography, you will learn the basic methods and information while enjoying the streets of Istanbul.
  • Are you a professional? That’s even better,  you will be delighted by being at the right places at the right time for the perfect shots.

Why book with Istanbul Tour Studio?

  • Our photography guides are not only expert photographers but are also incredibly knowledgeable about the city and will help you get beyond the image.
  • Istanbul Tour Studio is rated "Excellent" on Tripadvisor. Click to read the latest reviews about us.
  • We make you feel at home! Our tours give you the feeling that you are walking around Istanbul with local friends. 
  • We have a team of knowledgeable personnel that are trustworthy, friendly and always on time.

How much is the private Street Photography walk tour per person?

  • Our private Street Photography walk tour prices will start from $145 USD/person for two people. ($290 USD/total for two adults) Please bear in mind that our rates do not include 20% VAT.
  • Our prices are quoted per person. We require minimum two participants to organise this private tour. Please contact us if you'd like to book a private tour for one person. The prices include English speaking professional guidance. We offer dynamic pricing which means as the number of people on your private group increase, our per person prices decrease. 
  • This tour costs $145 USD/person for two people; $120 USD/person for three people; $100 USD/person for four people; $90 USD/person for five people and $80 USD/person for six people. You will automatically get the dynamic pricing at the booking phase once you select the total number of people.
  • Please contact us for custom pricing for groups over six people.

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