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15 minutes helicopter tour of Istanbul


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"Helicopter tour in Istanbul was something that has been on my bucket list for a long time and I am very happy that I finally realized this dream. I would like to thank Istanbul Tour Studio for this experience. I can definately recommend anybody who is interested in this great experience to book it via them." Read more on Tripadvisor.

Are you ready to discover mind-blowing views of Istanbul from the air?

Istanbul Tour Studio invites you to peek Istanbul from the air. Istanbul helicopter tour is a very unique experience. Discover the massive metropolis set on two different continents - Europe and Asia - Bosphorus Strait cutting the city like a knife and the horn shaped Haliç bay. (Golden Horn in English)

15 minutes journey above the clouds

Unlike aerial photography or helicopter simulator, flying above a city is the best way to get to know it. And since Istanbul can sometimes be very complicated from the ground, helicopter tour is a great opportunity to travel Istanbul and see the city from above.

Istanbul Helicopter Tours every Sunday at 1.00 PM

Our departure point is only 30 minutes away from the touristic centre of Istanbul. Starting our tour from Ayazağa district, we make our ways to the Bosphorus Strait and do a huge circle in between Beşiktaş (European side), Üsküdar (Asian side), Sultanahmet (Old city) and finally Taksim (city center). Below you can see the 15 minutes helicoper route above the skyline of Istanbul.

How to get to Kaan Air Ayazağa Heliport?

You can either go to the heliport via public transportation (metro or bus), take a taxi or book a private minibus with our company. Once you book your helicopter seats, further information and detail on how to arrive to Ayazağa heliport will be provided on your confirmation and voucher e-mail. Please make sure to be ready at the heliport 30 minutes before your flight. 

If you decide to take a taxi from Sultanahmet to Kaan Air Heliport it would cost you approx. 700 TL (approx. $20 USD/total). Alternatively you can use Taksim > Ayazağa subway and than take a taxi from the closes subway station Ayazağa.

Private Helicopter Rentals

Our helicopters can host up to 7 people at the same flight. At the moment, we only opera private helicopter rentals. 15 minutes flights start from $1250 USD + 20% VAT.

Note: Please keep in mind that we also organise Istanbul helicopter transfers or any other special requests on helicopter/air transport.

Change on programs or rescheduling

Istanbul Tour Studio reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any booking due to bad weather conditions, unexpected situations, security alerts and other reasons considered force majeure (state of emergency), on notice to the client. In this case, the company will try to rebook the same booking with a different departure date.

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